EcoLite™ Rechargeable Collar

Pet Stop® Pet Fence Systems believes that providing cutting-edge products is an excellent way to stay up to speed with customer needs and lifestyles. Now available is the first professional rechargeable pet fence collar, called the EcoLite™ Rechargeable Receiver. This new product delivers some of the most advanced technology on the market. With only one charge, our EcoLite™ receiver will last between 30 to 60 days before recharging is required.


Does this sound like an improvement you might appreciate? There is much more! The battery pack inside this tiny lightweight receiver collar will last up to 25 years or 300 charge cycles. After 300 charge cycles the EcoLite® receiver will maintain 80% battery life. A flashing red light will warn you that it is time to recharge your dog fence collar, which only takes 2 to 3 hours. This can conveniently be done at night while your dog sleeps, once every month or two as needed. And recharging is a breeze since our collar recharges just like your cell phone.
When compared to the Invisible Fence® MicroLite™ receiver and other replaceable battery dog fence collars, our EcoLite™ rechargeable pet fence collar will save you between $400 and $600 in replaceable battery expense over 10 years. This factor alone allows the collar to pay for itself. And the batteries saved allow consumers to enjoy an environmentally friendly product.

Our EcoLite™ rechargeable pet fence receiver collar weighs in at an incredibly lightweight .8 ounces. Compared to the Invisible Fence® MicroLite™ receiver which weighs in at 1 ounce it is easy to see that our EcoLite™ receiver is the smallest and lightest receiver now available. But do not let the small size fool you. This tiny wonder boasts 14 customer-controlled correction levels, so it is perfect for dogs from 3 pounds to 250 pounds. Due to advanced technology, the EcoLite™ Reciever has the fastest activation time of any pet fence collar on the market.


Do you have a cat that would rather be outdoors than indoors? Or do you have an area inside the house that you would like to keep your cats away from? Our Pet Stop system along with the EcoLite™ rechargeable receiver collar makes for a great cat fence outdoors or indoors! We have trained and contained several cats and now there is a cat fence collar small enough to fit even the smallest feline.

Do you need an Invisible Fence® replacement collar? We have good news! Our EcoLite™ rechargeable receiver collar is compatible with all Invisible Fence® systems. It is also compatible with DogGuard® systems. No more batteries to purchase! Just recharge your EcoLite™ receiver and you are back in business! Pet Stop is the only professional brand that offers a rechargeable pet fence collar.

And the final feature: Our EcoLite™ pet fence collar is the first and only receiver collar to boast a night light! Just press a button on a remote handheld unit (optional item) and you have an instant bright light on your translucent pet fence collar. No more wondering where your dog or cat is in the dark of night. When your pet comes inside you can turn the night light off with a press of a button.

Whether you need dog fencing or cat fencing we have the solution for you. Call us today at 816-454-7297 or (913) 214-9595 to find out more about our new EcoLite™ rechargeable pet fence receiver collar. Your pet will thank you!
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