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Our pet fence solutions company was established in 1994 with a vision to improve the safety of your pet by installing hidden pet fence systems both indoors and outdoors. Since then, we have created hundreds of happy and satisfied customers around the city by installing dog doors and cat fences inside and outside their homes. We are happy to be known as the most trustworthy firm in the city when it comes to installing invisible dog fence systems.

We are concerned about your dog as you are. So we never compromise on quality of the pet fence systems we install. Our team includes the best technicians and designers who have proven expertise in professional pet fence systems. You can be assured about the safety of the pet in our pet fence systems. Also, we sell products related to underground pet fences, batteries, pet collars and more.

We are the largest pet fence shop in Eastern Kansas and Western MO and we proudly service the Kansas City area including Overland Park. We offer an online store for products related to underground pet fences, batteries, pet collars, and receivers. We also sell and install professional dog and cat doors.

Four Paws is not affiliated with Pet Stop, Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Dog Guard, brands.

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Bill R.


Normally I don't write reviews but in this case I am extremely surprised and happy about our fence!!!!

Installation was done two days ago.  I read the owner's guide and was expecting the full training to take about 2-3 weeks.  Have to say I am amazed!!  My dog has yet to get close enough to get the "physical" warning of the fence.  He is already shying away form the fence with just the "tone" warning.  I think after only two days he is ready for the off-leash portion of his training.  I was impressed with your installation process and the results we have experienced.  So happy we chose Four Paws Fence.  Would recommend it to ANYONE!!!!

William & Deborah Rock

Kansas City Missouri

I am writing on behalf of Four Paws Fence. We adopted a dog and right away we looked into getting a fence. We called all the regular people out there for wood and rod iron fencing and the pricing was outrageous. Imagine spending all that money and one of my kids leaving the front door open or the side gate to the fence unlatched. That would have been the best money ever spent, now lets go find the dog that expensive fence was suppose to keep in.

I called Paul Mallory and when he showed up he asked me how far in the front yard I wanted the fence to go. I gave him a blank stare and said we could not have fences in our front yard. He looked at me and realized I had no idea what kind of fence his company put up.
When he explained that the fence would go around the whole perimeter of the yard and it would be about 4 inches into the ground and that I would never see it, I realized I had just made the best mistake ever.
Calling Paul Mallory was a mistake; I was looking for a traditional wood fence. But now I do not have to worry about leaving the front door open on a beautiful day and enjoy the breeze. My dog can not get out.
He roams the yard and runs around with the kids. And the best thing is there is no fence for my kids to kick over the fence go running around and a car and not seeing them. The whole yard is in plane sight. That has to be one of the biggest pluses of it all. My back yard does not feel like a prison. I have full view of every thing.
Thank you Paul for every thing, our dog is happy, the kids are happy. My husband is happy, and best of all momma is happy!

Lawrence P. Kovac, DVM

Northland Mobile Vet , 816-616-2349

“When we moved into our new house; we wanted to avoid the traditional fence. After calling around and getting information about underground fences; we chose Four Paws Fence because of the customer service and individual attention we got! Anytime we had questions they have always been there to answer and help us out in using our new fence. We LOVE our new “fence”!”

“Jake was getting out of the yard and running like mad once or twice a week. On one occasion he got in the yard of an elderly couple and began chasing their cat around, terrifying everyone (although he was just playing). After the pet fence went in and he was trained, we have not had any problems. It also seems that Jake is much more content. I will not own a dog again unless I have a pet fence.” Jack Colwell See Jake pictured below?
“I have used chain link, electric fences, and 3 and 4 inch cattle fences in the past and my dogs have managed to find ways to get out of my yards. Being a Veterinarian, I try to educate my clients on the best system to use at the least cost.
I have numerous clients who use this system exclusively because the housing areas they live in do not allow fencing or kennels. Some of these pets are 5 and 6 years old and the owners have never had any problems with their pets leaving the yard.
In conclusion, I have been using this system for 1 year. I am very pleased with the system. My dogs have not gotten through my system once since it has been installed. My horses have not been chased by my dogs. I have not had problems with other dogs getting into my yard. I feel the system is humane and a safe way to contain most canine pets."

Dr. Kyle Johnson, DVM

Barry Road Animal Hospital

“As a Veterinarian for the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of pet fences with numerous clients, and since June of 1998 I have personally witnessed the effectiveness of my own system.
Paul Mallory installed a system in my yard for my male Black Lab, and male German Shorthair Pointer, at that time. Not once have my dogs escaped the containment of the pet fence. The shorthair in particular is a very high strung dog and would have been very willing to escape the confines of the yard if given the opportunity.
Given my own experience I have not hesitated to refer many people to Paul for installation of a pet fence. Admittedly, I have heard of numerous situations where cheaper “do-it-yourself” kits have failed to achieve the desired results, which may contribute to a negative perception. Systems from a reputable dealer such as Paul Mallory seem to work very well. The expense of the system is a good indicator that the pet owner is serious about keeping his/her pet(s) contained. The training and follow up with the professional installer also increases the chance of success.
In conclusion, I do not hesitate to recommend to my clients that a pet fence from a reputable dealer is a viable means of sole containment for any pet.”

Debbie Dunmire

Harrisonville, MO

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We love our system. We have had no problems at all since installing it 16 months ago. When I accidentally cut the wire while installing the new driveway, the serviceman was here right away to repair it. I am so glad that I chose Four Paws Fence. My neighbor used another brand of invisible fence and has had problems from day one. Her dogs are constantly out and she has a terrible time getting them to service it. Thank you, Paul, for making our lives so much easier. Because of our fence we enjoy our dogs (1 English Mastiff and 1 Bulldog) so much more.” indicator that the pet owner is serious about keeping his/her pet(s) contained. The training and follow up with the professional installer also increases the chance of success.
In conclusion, I do not hesitate to recommend to my clients that a pet fence from a reputable dealer is a viable means of sole containment for any pet.”

Laura Forster

Kansas City, MO

“We live on a busy road (State Line). We have 3 dogs (3 English Pointers) and 1 cat on the system. It works great! We also love having the inside system to keep the animals off the furniture or out of certain rooms. The product is great, the service is impeccable! We are very happy customers. We have been using our fence for 8 years!

Jane Birkeness

Liberty, MO

“The Hidden Fence System you installed for us three years ago to secure our 100 pound (plus) Lab within a two acre perimeter has been fabulous! The training you walked the dog and me through on the day of installation and my continued training for the following two week period proved to me that your system works. Jack has never left the property. Your service for new batteries and a new collar has been prompt – many times the items arrive the next day. Our only wire break in the system occurred last week and was repaired within six hours. That’s service! Thanks for making my life with Jack so much easier!”

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