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Our collars can be programmed to contain even the most stubborn dogs. We have contained very large dogs with no problem. Our system can be programmed to continue the stimulation if a pet would try to run through the boundary wire signal. Most pet fences do not have this option but the Pet Stop product has this capability.

No. We provide training and help each customer set the collar to the correct stimulation level. We have 14 different levels on every pet fence collar we sell. We also provide a containment guarantee which comes with a money back guarantee.

All of our outdoor pet fence equipment begins with an invisible fence cost as low as $995. Labor charges will vary depending on the size and terrain of your property. With our outdoor invisible pet fence systems, you can be sure that your pets are safe from harm. The invisible fence cost is well worth the safety of your beloved pet. We replace Internet and retail pet fences on a regular basis because they do not contain most pets! Call us at (816) 454-7297 in Missouri or (913) 381-7297 in Kansas for a free estimate.

An additional receiver collar cost depends on the type of pet fence you have.

Yes, it is possible to buy the dog fence equipment and set it up. We even offer a DIY pet fence kit to help you achieve that goal. While a DIY pet fence may be simpler to install, installing it incorrectly can have huge negative consequences. That is why we recommend professional pet fence installation to ensure proper installation and training for your pet. An outdoor dog fence system costs as low as $995.00 + tax. Contact us today in Overland Park and the Kansas City area to learn more about our DIY pet fence kits, invisible pet fence systems and installation services.

Yes, on any installed pet fence system we offer a 1 year containment guarantee depending on which package is purchased. 

Yes. We have trained several cats. The only requirement is that a cat must be willing to wear a collar.

Any size of dog from 3 pounds to 250 pounds.

It means that either the wire has been cut from possible yard or utility work or it is possible the unit has been hit by lightning. We would provide a service call to your property if this happened.

Find the dog fence wire by turning the signal field down on the pet fence transmitter unit mounted in the house. Please call us for instructions on how to do this at (816) 454-7297 in Missouri or (913) 381-7297 in Kansas.

It is possible for a homeowner to conduct invisible fence repair as long as the proper procedures are followed.
This process involves using waterproof splice connectors to ensure water does not make direct contact with the copper wire. Water will corrode and deteriorate copper and eventually your dog fence could go down.
A faulty repair can cause more harm than good in the long run, as it can cause your invisible fence to malfunction and your precious pet may escape!
Because of how critical it is to use waterproof splices we recommend you call us for the repair so that it is done correctly. Four Paws Pet Fence has knowledgeable and courteous repair technicians who know the ins and outs of our invisible pet fences. They're equipped to provide quick and quality service whenever fence repair is needed.
For more information on our invisible fence repair services, call Four Paws Fence (816) 454-7297 in Missouri or (913) 381-7297 in Kansas.

Make sure the transmitter unit inside the house has power to it and lights are lit up on the unit. If there are no lights lit up check to make sure there is power to the outlet the unit is plugged into. Check to make sure you have a good battery in the collar and the battery is installed the right direction. A blinking red light on your collar means the battery is low and needs to be replaced. Make sure the collar is tight around your pet's neck so that the contact posts are making skin contact. If the collar is only touching the hair coat the collar will have no effect. Then lastly, take the dog's collar to the boundary wire and hold the collar at the dog's neck height (DO NOT TOUCH THE CONTACT POSTS) and make sure there is an audible noise coming from the collar. Call us with any questions.

Unsure how an indoor pet fence works? Many homeowners wonder if indoor systems are able to keep pets from visiting certain areas of their house.
That's exactly how they function! Our indoor wireless units emit a 1 foot to 7 foot radius around specific areas in order to keep dogs away from key areas. These can include:
The cat litter box
Expensive pieces of furniture
Breakable items
The kitchen
A child's bedroom or nursery
Our indoor pet fence makes it easier for you and your dogs to enjoy day-to-day life without constant shooing or scolding.
For more information on our indoor pet fence systems, call Four Paws Fence at (816) 454-7297 in Missouri or (913) 381-7297 in Kansas.

Our Indoor Unit is very small, conveniently sized for an indoor purpose, and comes with a 1-year warranty. With an invisible fence cost as low as $225.00 + tax, when you invest in one of our indoor pet invisible fence systems, you ensure that your pets are kept safe and out of trouble. The invisible fence system has an adjustable range that can pinpoint specific areas of the home, like around an important piece of furniture. Learn more by contacting us at our Missouri or Kansas numbers today.

Yes, it is possible to buy just the dog fence wire. However, we do ask that you call us to schedule a time to pick up the dog fence wire at our office. You can also arrange for us to deliver the dog fence wire. Delivery charge varies depending on your location, so contact us today to get more information about pickup, delivery and pricing. We do offer a DIY pet fence kit, enabling you to set up your dog fence yourself or to get help from us.

We offer prompt and professional service which is priced from $70.00 to $86.50 for a service call depending on the nature of the service needed. We also offer Service Agreements with guaranteed response times, cost savings, multiple service calls, and free collar batteries and straps. Our service agreements can be viewed at this link: Service Agreements.

The Pet Stop equipment we sell is made in the U.S.A. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is manufactured in an ISO Certified facility and is constructed of the best materials money can buy. Our equipment is more expensive because it is the best quality product on the market. We sold a different product for 9 years but switched to the Pet Stop product in 2004 due to the quality of the Pet Stop brand. We replace retail and Internet systems on a regular basis. Your pet's safety is our NUMBER ONE concern. That is why we only sell Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems….the best pet fence available today!

The flashing red light is an indicator that your battery is low on voltage and needs to be replaced within a few days. If you have the ecolite rechargeable receiver collar the red blinking light indicates the receiver needs to be recharged.

There are many differences. Our Pet Stop pet fence benefits far outweigh the competition. Pet Stop offers customer adjustability of collar correction levels, different correction levels for multiple pets on the same system, lower and higher correction levels, longer battery life in the receiver collar, the only rechargeable dog fence collar available, flashing low battery indicator light, and the ability to make the collar continue delivering stimulation even if your pet breaches the boundary wire signal. Many of these benefits are not available with competitive systems.

We only sell wired outdoor pet fence systems. Wired outdoor systems allow us to utilize the entire yard space. Wireless outdoor systems limit the amount of available yard space to about a 90 foot radius around the house. We have replaced multiple wireless outdoor systems due to their sporadic operation and due to collar activation inside the home. However, we do offer wireless or wired indoor systems which are very reliable.

We sell and install pet fences including training for all of our customer's pets and provide installation of Plexidor pet doors. We provide ongoing service for all of our customers.

We founded Four Paws Fence in December 1994. In the greater Kansas City area we currently have 4,700+ dog fences and Pet Fence solution customers and over 6,000 pets safely contained with our Pet Fence solution. We have maintained an A+ (zero complaint) rating with the Better Business Bureau since 1996.

We offer only retail pricing since our product is sold to the end consumer….pet owners.

We ship all of our batteries and collar straps for dog fences by U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail. Packages are shipped the same day they are ordered. It is Next Day delivery within the Kansas City Metro area.

We confirm order status and shipment by email.

U.S. Postal Service

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.

Four Paws Fence

We only accept checks or money orders in person. All Internet sales go through Paypal using multiple payment methods offered by Paypal.

We offer a 30 Day return policy plus shipping and handling costs.

Returns should be sent by U.S. Mail to Four Paws Fence, 6738 W 153rd St, Overland Park, KS 66223 or by UPS or Fed EX to the same address.

We need 3 days notice to cancel a scheduled pet fence installation.

Call us or send us a cancellation request using our contact us form on our website.

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