Installation & Repairs

  • Installation & Repair from Four Paws Fence

    Ensure your dog is always safe with the reliable and efficient invisible fence installation and repair team at Four Paws Fence. Our technicians are factory-trained for service on hidden fences by Pet Stop®, Invisible Fence® and Dog Watch® brands. We  will gladly install and repair all brands – professional, retail and DIY kits.

    We service all major brands including Dog Watch, Pet Safe, Sport Dog , Perimeter, and Radio.

  • Why Choose Four Paws Installation & Invisible Fence Repair?

    Thanks to the innovations in technology, invisible pet fences are more advanced than ever. While this is great because it means you have a better product to use, it also means that installation and repair are more complex than they were in the past.
    Our team is fully trained in how to deal with issues that arise during installation or ongoing use of invisible pet fences. We understand how to troubleshoot common and unusual errors with equipment and parts.

  • Call Us for Installation & Repair

    Whether you’ve chosen an invisible fence by one of the aforementioned brands, or by others such as Dog Guard®, Pet Safe® and Innotek®, you can trust that our expertise and dedication to your pet’s safety are second to none. Call Four Paws Fence today at 913-381-7297 in Kansas or 816-454-7297 in Missouri to learn more.

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