What is a Hidden Pet Fence?

  • Invisible Pet Fence Details

    Hidden pet fences provide a protective barrier around a home or other property to keep pets from harm without installing a physical fence around the perimeter. They require no maintenance from the none owner.

    Learn a little more about the benefits of the invisible fence products we carry as well as our installation and repair services!

When you choose an hidden fence system for your home, you can prevent serious injury to your pet. No longer will you need to worry about your pet wandering away from your yard, getting lost, getting hit by a vehicle, or even getting stolen.

Four Paws® provides an affordable and effective alternative to the Invisible Fence® brand. Four Paw's electronic pet fencing systems help to keep your pets happy and safe with an underground barrier that stops them from leaving the property and potentially getting lost or injured by cars or other animals.

Four Paw's electronic pet containment systems are designed so they provide a more affordable way to protect your beloved pets. They also provide a helpful training guide so you use the system to help with behavioral issues.

The Four Paws products are also compatible with most other pet containment systems on the market, including Invisible Fence®.

Four Paws Fence can help you find the right system to meet your needs. Our professionals will review all your options and determine the best fit for your yard or perimeter. We are experts in all things pet fencing!

We can properly install your system to ensure it fully functions. Let us give you peace of mind that comes with professional invisible fence installation.

These hidden pet fence systems have an unmatched range of customizable features, along with expert training to ensure that our customers understand how to use this fencing system to its full potential.

We can provide the needed expertise to safely and properly repair any issues with your pet fence.

Call us today at 913-381-7297 in Kansas or 816-454-7297 in Missouri to learn more about our electronic pet fence options.

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