Dog Fences Versus Dog Runs

  • Lets Break It Down

    While kennels can give a greater sense of security due to the visible chain link structure, some dogs are still able to escape from their kennel. At Four Paws Fence we often install fences for clients whose dogs have figured out how to escape from the dog run. We have seen dogs escape by pulling the chain link kennel wire up with their paws and teeth, by climbing the dog kennel sides and jumping out of their kennel, and by opening the kennel door latch if it is left unlocked.

    The security and freedom a Pet Stop pet fence provides, is more secure than any dog kennel or dog run available today. There are many advantages to having a professional pet fence versus a dog run. Advantages include more freedom, more room for a dog to run, and more security to keep your pet from escaping out onto the street. Most pet fences circle the front yard, so even if small children or others open the front door without thinking and the runs into the yard, they are still safely contained to the property.

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  • Advantages of a Dog Fence

    • Dogs gets more exercise, making them healthier

    • There is no unsightly dog kennel in the back yard

    • Pet(s) cannot dig out of or jump over a fence

    • No more walking out to the kennel in freezing temperatures or pouring rain

    • No need to use a leash when letting a pet out the front door

    • A fence is low-maintenance

    Dog fencing is a much more secure and convenient solution than a dog run or kennel. At Four Paws Fence, we can expertly install a Pet Stop® Pet Fence System, the best professional pet fence brand on the market, to your home.

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